I'm Fiona,

I am a web designer and developer


I am a web designer and developer. I enjoy creating and designing beautiful and easy to use websites. I love effortless websites with sleek and simple designs. I believe that websites should be easy to use for all and beautiful to look at. I love adding extra functionality and using websites as a tool to make things easier. Websites are more than just design, they are about the functionality, information and ease of use.


Hatton Rotary

This site was made for a charity whose original website was outdated and difficult to navigate. The aim of this project was to create a modern, easy to use website with an area for the members of the charity to use. A bespoke calendar was designed and created in the new members area to keep them up to date with meetings and events. Additional functionality was added to this calendar for the members to log apologies for their regular meetings. This streamlined their apologies logging system and has been a great success with the group. The website can also be updated by their administrator due to the use of the Wordpress CMS.

Hatton Rotary Website

Space 2 Talk Website

The aim of this project was to create a modern, simple easy to use website to advertise counselling services for Space 2 Talk. The client was very happy with the result and has had many positive comments from his clients regarding the ease of use of the website. This project involved logo design and designing a website with Wordpress

Space 2 Talk Website

Crafty Workshops

This site was created to advertise the regular craft workshops delivered by Crafty Workshops. Bootstrap was used to create the layout and design of the website. PHP,javascript and SQL databases were used to create the shopping cart and the e-mail notification boxes. It has been integrated with Paypal and a Facebook API. The logo was also designed for this website and branding using Photoshop.

Crafty Workshops Website

Fiona and Richard's Wedding

This site was developed as a portal to provide details of a wedding to friends and family, in addition to an electronic solution for guests to RSVP. This site was written from scratch using PHP, CSS, Javascript and a MySQL database is used to collate responses and authenticate user credentials.

The form for RSVPs is adaptive, displaying only the relevant fields based on user input. A dynamic custom e-mail is then generated according to the user input, which is sent to the user containing a message and their response. A copy is also sent to the bride and groom and the response is stored in the database.

Javascript was used to create a count down timer to the date of the wedding. The website makes use of Google fonts and has a responsive design, designed to work on different sized devices, including mobiles and tablets.

Fiona and Richard's Wedding Website

Reaction Tester

This is a little game that was created to demonstrate the use of Javascript changing the colour, location and shape of an object dynamically. The shapes in the game are configured to appear at random times whilst recording your reaction time, which is displayed to the user.

Reaction Tester


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Wordpress and Joomla
  • E-commerce and Woo Commerce
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Paintshop Pro
  • GIMP
  • Domain Names
  • POP and SMTP e-mail configuration
  • Paypal Intergration
  • Mobile and Responsive Design
  • Google Analytics